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How important is it to hire an attorney with experience?
It is certainly not unimportant, but here is something to consider: Good lawyers get better with experience, but bad lawyers get worse. For the overwhelming majority of cases, as long as you have a good defense lawyer on your side, you will be in much better shape than you otherwise would have been.

So, what makes a good lawyer?
First and foremost, a good lawyer knows how to listen. If your lawyer doesn't listen, then information is lost and the overall strength of your defense is compromised. Secondly, a good lawyer makes sure to stay current. From recently released court opinions to new strategies and technology in the courtroom, the legal landscape is constantly changing. A good lawyer is therefore always keeping abreast of and adapting to those changes. Third, a good lawyer has the ability to see the big picture. Good lawyers understand that winning a battle isn't worth losing a war. In the field of criminal defense, there is a fine line between being fearless and being foolish. The right attorney will realize that aggression is often necessary in order to provide the client with the defense he or she deserves, especially in trial, but also that their future relies on the outcome of the case. That calls for a fearlessness that is also equipped with discernment. Honesty, compassion, and character are also traits that benefit the client and the legal profession as a whole.

I don't think I can afford a lawyer. Can I just handle it on my own?
You shouldn't. If you really can't afford an attorney, then the court is required by law to provide you with one at the county's expense. Let them do this - it will likely help you out and it certainly won't hurt. If you can't qualify for a court-appointed attorney, then you can afford one and you should carefully select one to hire. Nobody has ever said, "Boy, I'm sure glad I handled that legal matter myself and didn't get someone who knows what they're doing to help me. That turned out well for me."

Ok, point taken. How much do your services cost?
It can vary widely from case to case, but unless you don't live nearby, we insist that you come and visit with our attorneys in person before we discuss finances. Meeting face-to-face allows us to get a feel for each other and to personally discuss your case and your viable options. The only thing we can tell you for sure is that our fees will always be reasonable because if we were in your shoes, we would want to be charged a reasonable fee.

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