Do Not Let Criminal Charges Take Control Of Your Life

Serious criminal charges may make you feel anxious and lost. You are not alone in this battle. At The Law Offices of David C. Hardaway, I offer clear legal guidance and experienced trial representation for criminal defense. As your representative, I will help you take back control of your life. I will help you understand your rights and how we can fight to protect them. My approach begins with open and honest conversations with my clients. I want to hear your story and discuss how I can help you. It is important to establish a trusting client/lawyer relationship. You are putting your future in my hands, and you should know that I am a reliable legal ally.

I will place my trust in you as well; and that means that you will never be treated like a criminal in my office. You will not be expected to pay for everything up front if you cannot afford it. If you are unable to pay for my fee then we can establish a payment plan that works for you. I will treat you with the respect that you deserve.

Honest And Confident Criminal Defense Representation

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, then you will need a strong line of defense that you can trust. It is important to find the right criminal defense attorney because criminal penalties in Texas can be life-changing. I provide honest and aggressive trial representation in San Marcos, Texas. I represent clients facing a wide range of state and federal criminal charges, including:

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Contact my office today, located in San Marcos, Texas to schedule an appointment. Once you retain my services, I am available 24/7 to take your call. I will never push your urgent legal needs aside. Reach my office by calling 512-212-1706, or fill out an online contact form.