David Hardaway is an awesome lawyer. He was very helpful every step of the way and took care of my case in a timely matter. He is very personable and honest which made me feel like I could trust him. He was very honest about all possible outcomes. He allowed for a payment plan and I was extremely happy with my results. I highly recommend him to everyone! - V.

The reviews I've read here match up well to my experience in working with David. He's genuine and honest, cares about his clients and the community. Explains things clearly and doesn't hold back on telling you what you need to know and giving you a reliable opinion.

Not only are David and his team easy to work with both in person and through the online account they create to help you keep track of events and discovery, but they also bring a background of experience and knowledge that can make an otherwise disheartening process into one you can go into with confidence that you have a solid team sticking up for you.

When the local DA tried to bully me and I wanted to stand up to it David looked at every piece of my case and let me know that it was a strong case. He took it to court for me and was relentless in every step of the process to be sure no stone was unturned in beating back the DA's allegations and manipulations. His thorough and experienced effort got the job done.

David Hardaway handed my case professionally and realistically. I felt like he had my best interest in mind and I felt comfortable trusting his opinion. He was easy to reach and treated me like a person and not a criminal. The online portal he uses was great and gave me access to any updates on my case. I was walked through how everything would go an overall things went as best it could. Now my case is getting expunged and he's helping! Thankful for an honest lawyer like David. I definitely recommend him! - R.G.

David Hardaway is an awesome lawyer. He was very helpful every step of the way and took care of my case in a timely matter. He is very personable and honest which made me feel like I could trust him. He was very honest about all possible outcomes. He allowed for a payment plan and I was extremely happy with my results. I highly recommend him to everyone! - V.J.

David Hardaway won my case!
The process of my case was long and overwhelming for me but he was very accommodating and reassuring throughout the whole process. He was easy to talk to about my situation and open and honest to all my questions and concerns. He gave great advice during the trail and helped me stay positive. He was personable and relatable to the jury which I think helped as well! I would 100% recommend his services. I wish I could give him a 10 star rating! - B.N.

I wanna say THANK YOU David for helping me and my family. When everybody else was telling me I wouldn't see my family again just only through the window and I didnt have a fighting chance. God put David in my path and reassured me that I wasnt going anywhere. He was true to his word and he went above and beyond. There are no words to explain how I feel about his work and the outcome. All I can say he has been a blessing and excellent Lawyer that I would recommend only him to anybody who needed a lawyer. Have complete faith in David Hardaway. Once again David you have been A GREAT BLESSING TO MY FAMILY AND ME. THANK YOU for everything. - T.C.

Mr. Hardaway is a very astute hard working attorney who is also ethical and realistic in regards to the outcome of a case. Hardaway effectively communicates to his clients what his thought process is, thus allowing them to understand what is probable and what is not. Treatment of each client with undivided attention and compassion is what makes Hardaway more than the quintessential attorney. - D.A.

David Hardaway is an awesome lawyer. He took my case and got my case dismissed! He is very personable and honest which to me were important characteristics for a lawyer to have. He never gave me false hope and made sure to explain all possible outcomes. I highly recommend him to everyone he gets 10 stars from me! - B.B.

I am very happy with David Hardaway Law Office. David was helpful every step of the way! I knew I was in good hands and wouldn't have to worry about anything. I highly recommend this law firm! - S.N.

Attorney Hardaway is a great lawyer, the best in my book. I would advise any and everybody to hire him if they are seeking an outstanding lawyer. Attorney Hardaway fought for me until the end. He got my case not only dismissed but declined by the prosecutor. He was a true blessing to me and I'm so glad I hired him. - H.J.

I absolutely love this lawyer. He does as promised and will always be my lawyer when I need one. - B.R.

David is a lawyer that cares about his clients. This was evident to me in his response times, honesty, and the fact he has pursued so much continuing education to be the best lawyer he can be. I would highly recommend David to a friend or family member needing legal services. - B.W.

David is one of the best lawyers I have ever hired to represent me during a legal problem. He fought hard and won my case! David was very considerate and worked with me throughout the process. He allowed payment plans and was extremely flexible a very very rare quality in legal work.

David also took the time to get to know me and I never felt I was just another case like several lawyers who are just focused on the volume of cases. When he would consult me on my case, it was all focus on MY case. He gave me options for the different scenarios that were being proposed. Overall I am completely satisfied with the service I received and if I could I would give him another star because he went above and beyond what a typical lawyer would go. Stop your search here and give him a call for a free consultation.  - R.O., REALTOR

I cannot recommend David enough! He spent time getting to know my case and me without any pre-judgment. He answered all my questions honestly and knowledgeably. Despite an uncooperative other party, David was able to reach a favorable verdict (one that I'm extremely satisfied with) in a very timely manner. I never once felt talked down to or like an annoyance when I pestered him with questions. I also very much appreciated the status updates when there were lulls in the case. - S.J.

I came to David Hardaway after being unfairly charged with a class B Misdemeanor. Upon hearing my case, David reassured me with confidence that a dismissal was within reach and that he would work hard to ensure that outcome. Not only was he confident, but David's pricing was simple and fair. I had Hardaway working on my case for about a year due to legal red tape, and it was all covered under the up-front fee. He was constantly updating me and reassuring me throughout the process; which allowed me to carry on with my life and not have the added stress of a pending misdemeanor over my head. In the end, David Hardaway came through on his word and achieved a complete dismissal of my case. Thanks to Hardaway my legal nightmare came to an end with virtually no stress on my part. I would definitely recommend Hardaway to handle your case, just as he successfully handled mine! - R.H.

David Hardaway helped me resolve my issues without ever doubting the outcome. He is a powerful asset to have on your side and made it easy to understand the litigation process. My outcome was timely and was exactly what he promised from the beginning. I would recommend his services over and over again and am lucky to have been protected thanks to his deep understanding of the law. - W.M.

God has truly blessed David Hardaway with remarkable talent. David has been such an amazing lawyer to have, I couldn't see how it's possible to even consider anyone else. The love of my life was going through a major legal battle, we felt attacked and hopeless. The charges against my fiancé were absolutely horrifying and unnecessary. However, David was valiant in his efforts to help clear my fiancé's name and got his felony charge dismissed. David was honest and supportive the entire process, and we truly feel blessed to have such a fine attorney represent us. - T.M.

David is a great attorney! He was very confident in my case. He stuck by my side through thick and thin. My first degree felony was disposed due to his awesome work. He was very helpful and made himself available throughout the entire process (email and phone). He is very blunt and does not sugar coat the facts, but he reassures that he is there to help you in every possible way he can. I would recommend David to anyone without a doubt. He knows the district attorneys and fights hard for what he knows is right. I was on the verge of taking a plea bargain and he specifically told me he would drop my case because "He was not going to see an innocent person go down." In the end, I got my life back. After all this, David continues to make himself available for any questions I have. - A.V.

While in college, I fell victim to a "wrong place at wrong time" situation. After discussing my case with David he felt that I truly was innocent and that he would be able to clear my name. Many of the other people involved admitted guilt and had to play by the states rules. David reassured me he could win my case if I did everything he asked me to. It didn't happen over night but David was true to his word and I have been cleared of all guilt.

David and I agreed on a flat fee for his services when we first sat down and that fee never changed through my entire court process. He kept me up to date on my case and made sure I spent the least amount of time as possible having to deal with the courts. I would strongly recommend David to anyone who is looking for legal counsel from someone who will work hard to clear you name. Thanks for everything David. Hoping to never need your services again, but if I do I won't think twice about who to call. - Z.B.

David Hardaway got rid of my reckless driving case with ease. This being my first case I did not know what to expect or what to do. He went through all of the steps and explained everything to me. He took care of everything and the cost was very small also. I have talked to many people with similar misdemeanors who ended up having to pay way more out of pocket and had to appear in court numerous times. This was as pleasant of an experience as it could be given the circumstances. If you want your ticket dismissed I would highly recommend hiring him! - K.J.

David was an immense help with my legal experience. He helped me twice in a row and managed to calm the entire situation and provided me with understanding of the situation. David is very professional and knew exactly what to do when i came to him. I was very pleased with his time management and hustle, along with how convenient he could make everything for me. He worked with my schedule very well and never let me down. He superseded my expectations and the outcome was much better than it could have been. I would recommend David to anyone seeking excellent legal help. David is completely capable of accomplishing more than I expected and I'm positive he can do the same for anyone. - K.H.

David Hardaway was a huge help with my daughter's lawsuit. His fees were very reasonable, he listened to me and to my daughter to find out all the details. He knows people in the system on both sides of the law including at the DA's office which helps a lot. He was excellent at returning my calls or emails which I really appreciate. He did exactly what he said he could do for my daughter's situation. The minor in possession a class B, was dropped to a class C misdemeanor and can now be taken off her record. I would recommend him to anyone and thank him for his help. - J.B.

I am thankful for David being my lawyer. He stood up for me and kept me from jail for a felony, and it got dismissed. He really cares about people and he is a great lawyer. - S.L.

David Hardaway is awesome! He knows the law! He cares about his clients & their families. My boyfriend was being charged with a felony. The DA blew the charges way out of proportion & it was about to ruin our lives. We were so afraid. God sent David Hardaway our way & he stood up for my boyfriend in the courtroom & got the charges reduced to a misdemeanor. David Hardaway is a blessing! - Anonymous

Insightful, articulate, and completely authentic. The genuine article. David gave me my life back and I cannot thank him enough! - Anonymous