Proactive Legal Strategies For Family Violence Charges

A family violence allegation can threaten your personal choices and freedom in ways both expected and unexpected. It can work against you in family court, prohibit your right to own firearms, or even force you to vacate your own home. Family violence charges are not restricted to altercations involving a spouse. You may be charged with family violence for an alleged altercation with anyone living with you (including roommates), as well as other family members, significant others, and even former significant others. If you are facing a family violence charge in Hays, Comal, Guadalupe or other surrounding Counties, then contact my office right away. At The Law Offices of David C. Hardaway, I offer understanding and experienced legal guidance for people accused of crimes involving family violence.

Protecting The Rights Of The Wrongly Accused

Police officers are often called in the heat of the moment Upon arrest, you will likely face an Emergency Protective Order that can restrict your ability to see loved ones and your children. It may also prohibit you from entering your own home. And yes, you may (and most likely will) still be prosecuted by the State even if your accuser feels regret for alerting authorities or even changes their story.

It can be difficult to navigate these complex family violence cases. I will assist you in understanding your new reality, and I will provide a thorough and honest roadmap of what to expect moving forward. I provide straightforward and practical legal advice for all my clients, and will not convince you to hire me if I don't believe it will benefit your case. If you choose to retain my services, I will provide a strong defense in court. My experience as a trial attorney has taught me how to shape an effective defense based upon each clients' unique story.

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