9.8David C. Hardaway

24/7 Access to your Attorney

My clients are given my personal cell phone number so they can reach me anytime,
anywhere. And yes, I will answer my phone in the middle of the night. If you don't
believe me, just ask my wife.

Do Unto Others

I would want my attorney to treat me like a human being, not a file. I would want my
attorney to understand that this is a personal crisis for me and make my case a priority.
This is how you can expect to be treated by me. 

Honesty Above All Else

I have lost potential clients by telling them what they need to hear, instead of what
they want to hear. This does not bother me - in fact, I would not have it any other way.
I will not blindside a client by painting them a pretty picture when the facts of their
case do not warrant it. I will not convince someone to hire me when I know I can't
help them. I don't want to make my living that way. You work hard for your money,
so I don't take money from you unless I intend to earn it through honest effort.

Mutual Trust

My clients put a lot of trust in me, and I like to return the favor. If you can't pay my
entire fee up front, that's okay. I will let you make your own payment plan. You tell me
what you can pay and when, and I will hold you to it. I will treat you like a
responsible adult, not like a criminal.


Obviously results are extremely important, and I am very proud of the results that I
have been able to deliver for my clients. I fight hard for my clients and the outcomes
of their cases reflect that. That said, you won't find a list of results I have obtained for
other clients here, because their case has nothing to do with your case, and I don't
want to mislead you. Make an appointment to speak with me and I will give you an
honest assessment of the strength of your case.

This is a different kind of law practice