A Different Kind of Law Practice

What makes us different is our commitment to
keeping our clients happy and satisfied,
above all else.
Everything we do reflects that commitment.

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San Marcos Criminal Defense Lawyer

Welcome to The Law Offices of David C. Hardaway

At The Law Offices of David C. Hardaway, we believe that our clients deserve access to an honest, hardworking, and committed attorney. We are in the business of helping those facing accusations as a result of a lapse in judgment or a wrongful accusation, and we fight with determination to see true justice prevail.

Led by Attorney David C. Hardaway, we set ourselves apart in our commitment to keeping our clients happy by providing them with direct and open access to their criminal defense attorney at all times.

We Are a Different Kind of Law Practice

When you choose to work with us, you will find that we provide you with honest facts about your case and what we can do to help. When your future is in jeopardy because of a criminal accusation, you deserve nothing but the truth from a legal professional who understands the law as it pertains to your situation and the criminal justice system in Texas.

At our firm, we treat you the same way we would want to be treated—with mutual trust, hard work, and honest counsel about how serious your situation is for your future.

When you work with us, you can expect the following:

Access to
Your Attorney

My clients are given my personal cell phone number
so they can reach me anytime, anywhere. And yes, I
will answer my phone in the middle of the night. If you
don't believe me, just ask my wife.

Do Unto

I would want my attorney to treat me like a human
being, not a file. I would want my attorney to understand
that this is a personal crisis for me and make my case a
priority. This is how you can expect to be treated by me.

Above All

I have lost potential clients by telling them what they
need to hear, instead of what they want to hear. This
does not bother me - in fact, I would not have it any
other way. I will not blindside a client by painting them a
pretty picture when the facts of their case do not warrant
it. I will not convince someone to hire me when I know I
can't help them. I don't want to make my living that way.
You work hard for your money, so I don't take money
from you unless I intend to earn it through honest effort.


My clients put a lot of trust in me, and I like to return the
favor. If you can't pay my entire fee up front, that's not a
problem. I will let you make your own payment plan. You
tell me what you can pay and when, and I will hold you to it.
I will treat you like a responsible adult, not like a criminal.


Obviously, results are extremely important and I am very
proud of the results that I have been able to deliver for
my clients. I fight hard for my clients and the outcomes
of their cases reflect that. I've posted a long list of results
that we're proud of on all kinds of criminal cases that
we've handled over the years (results of family cases aren't
listed because what constitutes a good outcome in that
area of the law can be extremely subjective and can vary a
great deal based on a wide range of circumstances). That
said, it's important to note that that track record of success
won't necessarily translate to your case, as the best possible
outcome on a case is going to be largely based on the facts
of your case and your goals for representation. Make an
appointment to speak with me and I will give you an honest
assessment of what I think we can do for you.

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