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Is It Illegal To Buy Drugs Through the Internet?

Blogs from December, 2020


Over the last quarter-century, the internet has entirely changed the way that the world does business. Banking, hiring, retail shopping, and even business conferences are routinely conducted on the internet. And of course, you can buy drugs online – both legally and illegally.

What’s important to know is that it is a crime to buy illegal drugs over the internet or to buy any prescription drug that has not been prescribed to you. If you’re charged with illegal drug possession in or near San Marcos or New Braunfels, put your case in the hands of San Marcos drug crimes lawyer David C. Hardaway.

What Drugs Are Legal to Purchase Online?

The only drugs that you can buy legally online are basic over-the-counter remedies such as non-prescription strength analgesics, cough and cold medicines, and sleep aids – the same drugs you can buy at a supermarket or convenience store. Buying prescription drugs online, however, is never a good idea.

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) advises, “Federal law prohibits buying controlled substances . . . without a valid prescription from your doctor. This means there must be a real doctor-patient relationship, which by most state laws requires a physical examination. Prescriptions written by ‘cyber doctors’ relying on online questionnaires are not legitimate under the law.”

For all practical purposes, only over-the-counter medicines are legal to purchase online. While it’s possible that you could be charged with a federal drug crime if you purchased a drug illegally online and from another state, such prosecutions are extremely rare. Federal authorities are more focused on shutting down what they call “rogue online pharmacies.”

How Are the Penalties Determined for Drug Convictions in Texas?


There are a lot of drug laws in Texas. The penalties for a drug possession conviction depend on a number of factors: the type of drug, the quantity, and whether a defendant is a “repeat offender” (someone with a previous felony conviction) or a “habitual offender” (someone with two or more prior felony convictions).

You could spend anywhere from a few days in jail to a decade or more in prison after a drug conviction, and you potentially could lose your driver’s license, your right to vote, and your right to own a firearm. You must be represented by an aggressive, effective defense attorney.

If You Are Innocent

San Marcos drug crimes lawyer David C. Hardaway has extensive experience representing clients who have been charged with illegal drug possession.

Every case is different. If you’re innocent, and you’ve been falsely accused or you are the victim of a misunderstanding, Criminal Defense Attorney in San Marcos, TX David C. Hardaway will seek to have the charges dropped or dismissed, and if that’s not possible, he will explain to a jury what happened and why you should be acquitted.

A Good Lawyer’s Help Is a Phone Call Away

If the evidence against you is persuasive – and you are going to be convicted – attorney David C. Hardaway will negotiate for reduced or alternative sentencing. If it’s your first offense, you could receive alternative sentencing by participating in drug rehabilitation or counseling.

If you are charged with illegal drug possession, attorney David C. Hardaway will develop an effective defense strategy and bring your case to its best possible conclusion. Call his offices at (512) 846-9966 to learn more or to obtain a defense attorney’s help right now.

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