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This Is A Different Kind Of Law Practice

When I began this journey in May of 2010, I was determined that I wanted to build a different kind of law practice from what I'd previously observed in the field. I didn't simply want to handle cases, rather I wanted to help real people with real problems by learning their individual stories. Whether a person has been wrongfully accused of a criminal offense, or they've simply made a poor choice that doesn't accurately reflect who they are, each and every person who walks through our doors has a unique story to tell. At this firm, we are blessed every single day with the opportunity to truly get to know the stories of the good people who put their trust in us, and to retell those stories in a way that allows us to achieve justice for our clients. And for us to be able to truly do our jobs to the best of our considerable abilities, we don't simply represent clients, but rather we build relationships with them based on mutual trust.

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Criminal Defence

Criminal Defense

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How Do We Build Relationships?


My clients are given my personal cell phone number so they can reach me anytime, anywhere. And yes, I will answer my phone in the middle of the night. If you don't believe me, just ask my wife.


I would want my attorney to treat me like a human being, not a file. I would want my attorney to understand that this is a personal crisis for me and make my case a priority. This is how you can expect to be treated by me.


I have lost potential clients by telling them what they need to hear, instead of what they want to hear. This does not bother me - in fact, I would not have it any other way. I will not blindside a client by painting them a pretty picture when the facts of their case do not warrant it. I will not convince someone to hire me when I know I can't help them. I don't want to make my living that way. You work hard for your money, so I don't take money from you unless I intend to earn it through honest effort.


My clients put a lot of trust in me, and I like to return the favor. If you can't pay my entire fee up front, that's okay. I will let you make your own payment plan. You tell me what you can pay and when, and I will hold you to it. I will treat you like a responsible adult, not like a criminal.


Obviously results are extremely important, and I am very proud of the results that I have been able to deliver for my clients. I fight hard for my clients and the outcomes of their cases reflect that. That said, every situation is different, and I don't want to mislead you by comparing apples to oranges. Make an appointment to speak with me and I will give you an honest assessment of your circumstances.


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Call today to schedule a personal consultation with me and my team to discuss your criminal case. We are always happy to take your call. Reach my San Marcos, Texas office at 512-212-1706 or feel free to fill out the confidential online contact form.

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